Located on the East Coast of New Zealand, we are Waiū.

What Does Waiū Mean?
For us, we interpret Waiū as ‘sustenance’ as that is what our products produce – healthy, nutritious dairy for our consumers to enjoy.

The name Waiū is a Māori name that was suggested by one of our kaumatua. We interpret it as 'sustenance' as that is what the products we produce are intended to give - sustenance in the form of health and wellbeing.

Te Tohu Mauri o Waiū

Waiū Dairy is made up of a collective of 12 businesses working in partnership with a shared vision.

Our linkages are embodied in this story.

A. Manaia

The kaitiaki is at the centre of the illustration. This represents Waiū Dairy’s commitment to protect and nurture Papatuanuku.

B. Kowhaiwhai

This represents the vision, purpose and aspirations of Waiū Dairy. The haehae design (parallel lines) that embelish the kowhaiwhai are included to symbolise the combined effort that will ensure the success of Waiū Dairy – past, present and future.

1-12. Rauru

Each of the 12 businesses are represented by the rauru pattern, signifying their partnership and shared vision.

Our Values

To us, Waiū represents sustenance. This is a simple summation of our vision to look after the people and land, with health at the forefront of everything we do.

= Sustenance – health and wellbeing
= Sustenance – people and local communities
= Sustenance – land and environment

Waiū values include Kaitiakitanga – guardianship and sustainability
Manaakitanga – collaboration and empowerment of people, and
U ki Te Whai-hua – to protect, drive and create value.

Our Land

Close to Kawerau township, the land that Waiū Dairy stands upon is under the care of one of our partners, Pūtauaki Trust. They care for this land as it was handed on by their ancestors, they in turn will nurture and pass it on to future generations. The land will never be sold.
With access to, and use of, cost effective renewable geothermal energy and the advantage of an emerging infrastructure that will eventually service a complex of industrial businesses, this location has many benefits. The emerging infrastructure includes a direct rail link to one of New Zealand’s busiest ports, the Port of Tauranga. This rail link will enable Waiū Dairy to reduce its carbon footprint when transporting products to market.
Alongside our stakeholders, we work hard to ensure we will sustain a future in dairying by acting as caretakers of the land.
The Māori values of Kaitiakitanga, Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga & Tinorangatiratanga underpin how we do this. These values support a focus on land management processes and environmental best practice.
Part of this includes our support of the My Noke worm farm in Taupo – this is a collaborative and partnership approach, critical to ensuring the land is looked after for use by future generations.

Our Milk

In line with our focus on health, Waiū milk meets international dairy compliance standards and provides assurance of a grass-fed milk source.

Sourced close to our site, we can ensure our dairy products are fresh, with superior flavour and less harmful environmental impact.

With our sights set firmly on a sustainable farming future for Aotearoa, we ensure there is a focus on regenerative agriculture, sustainable processes and utilisation of natural farming practices

Our transparency and traceability processes give consumers the assurance of where their dairy has come from, right back to the farm it came from.

Our Processing Plant

The new Waiū factories are sustainable – there are operated using geothermal steam. Our factories are fitted with the latest processing and packaging machinery allowing us to produce high quality and efficient finished products for global markets.

Our delicious and creamy butter is made the traditional way, using the Fritz Butter process.
Our versatile and clean milk powder concentrate is produced using membrane technology and includes spray drying, producing 85% protein milk protein powder.