Premium Dairy Products

Grass-fed in New Zealand

With visionary business leaders at the helm, Waiū Dairy produces and delivers premium, nutritious dairy products to the world using natural geothermal resources and kaitiaki principles.

Unsalted Butter
Grass-fed Salted Butter
24% Fat Whole Milk Powder
Milk Protein Concentrate 85

Kaitiakitanga. Our pledge to look after the land.

Kaitiakitanga is the Māori term for ‘guardianship’, and this is the Waiū approach to dairying.

We believe we are the caretakers of our land and we are passionate about looking after it, to pass on to the next generation as good, if not a better state than when we inherited it.

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Quality Certifications

Halal Certified



Made In NZ

Grass Fed

Kaitiaki Pledge

Explore our dairy farms and meet our beautiful cows

With our sights set firmly on a sustainable farming future for Aotearoa, we ensure there is a focus on regenerative agriculture, quality processes and environmental natural practices.

Our transparency and traceability processes give consumers the assurance of where their dairy has come from, right back to the farm it came from.